LCS Picks Week 3 Spring 2024

LCS Picks Week 3 Spring 2024

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It is that time once again. The LCS season is upon us and with it come the games that will decide who will make it to the LCS Finals, MSI and Worlds. The regular season may not mean much to some, but during each crucial game, we will get to see story arcs created with excitement and disappointment. Along with the stories that will prepare us for the future of the LCS. Without further adieu, here are the LCS Picks for Week 3 of the 2024 Spring Split.

Thanks to Oracles Elixir for any and all Stats used in this article.

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Overall Pick Record for 2023: 116-64 (64%)

Overall Pick Record for Spring 2024: 10-6 (63%)

Pick Record from LCS 2024 Summer Week 2: 5-3 (63%)

LCS Picks Week 3 Spring 2024 Day 1

IMT vs. C9

IMT got their first win and C9 lost to who IMT were able to beat. Should that really matter? Probably not. If C9 play a more standard draft they win this one without question. If they don’t, at least they will make things a bit more interesting.

Prediction: C9 Win

NRG vs. TL

This is a very important game for TL to try and get back on track. Sadly for them, their first game of Super Week will result in a loss as NRG look close to C9 in terms of power so picking against them would be stupid.

Prediction: NRG Win

DIG vs. SR

Two teams sitting at 1-3 and both looking to prove that they should be in the middle of the pack. This will be an overlooked game by most that should be a fun one. With Bugi or eXyu come out on top? While they will be the x-factors their goals will be different. For eXyu it is more about getting his lanes ahead while not getting beat badly in the jungle. For Bugi it is about getting a large lead in the jungle and spreading it. Whoever accomplishes their goal best wins. For now that will be eXyu because his goal is a little easier.

Prediction: DIG Win

FLY vs. 100T

While 100 Thieves have been a pleasant surprise, they are not ready to take on FlyQuest yet. This game may be close initially but ultimately FlyQuest will pull it out.

Prediction: FLY Win

LCS Picks Week 3 Spring 2024 Day 2

DIG vs. TL

This is a gut feel pick. TL have not been playing well but if they are going to win a game this weekend, this has to be it. Dignitas have been solid but the veterans of TL will push their team across the finish line. Just barely.

Prediction: TL Win

C9 vs. FLY

This is another electric matchup. Whenever two of the top three teams go at each other, sparks will fly and you know FlyQuest want to win this one bad. Not only for their standings but Jensen is going to be looking for revenge. Sadly Revenge is not playing this split and C9 are the better team. This one will be close but ultimately not close enough.

Prediction: C9 Win

IMT vs. 100T

This one will probably be close but River will eventually take over. He has been playing out of his mind and when Armao gets overwhelmed he and his team generally fold. If IMT can spurn River’s advances then they will have a chance. That seems unlikely.

Prediction: 100T Win

NRG vs. SR

Can Shopify Rebellion pullout another win against another top team? It is pretty unlikely. NRG are very different in terms of style than C9. They rely less on individual laning and with their teamplay they will win this one handily.

Prediction: NRG Win

LCS Picks Week 3 Spring 2024 Day 3


This is another game that could be pretty close. Unfortunately for DIG, it is hard not to see Inspired just taking over this game while Bwipo keeps Rich in check.

Prediction: FLY Win

C9 vs. TL

Sorry TL, but you end the first half against the best team in the LCS. C9 should win this one pretty easily with jojo and company putting a hurting on TL.

Prediction: C9 Win

100T vs. SR

The last close game of the week will see two teams that could be in similar places in the standings. River will yet again be the focus here. SR can win if Bugi and Insanity are able to win the mid-jungle duo. If not then 100 Thieves could roll.

Prediction: 100T Win


Yeah, picking against NRG is dumb. Especially when they play a team like Immortals. Look for NRG to stomp.

Prediction: NRG Win

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