Ride free with Draw Rider Remake on Xbox | TheXboxHub

Ride free with Draw Rider Remake on Xbox | TheXboxHub

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Draw Rider Remake is on Xbox!

Remember the appeal of Draw Rider? It’s time to embrace the simplicity again with Draw Rider Remake on Xbox. 

Draw Rider has been doing the rounds on various platforms for years. There’s a version on Steam, on the Apple App Store, on Google Play and probably more. But best of all? There’s now Draw Rider on Xbox, with the release of Draw Rider Remake. 

Draw Rider on the Xbox?

Available right now from the Xbox Store for a mere £4.19, Draw Rider Remake takes the, um, draw of Draw Rider and – yep, you guessed it, remakes it for console. What this means is that the legendary racer comes to the Xbox world in a bigger, better, much more beautiful form than ever before. 

Standard Draw Rider objectives come to the fore in Draw Rider Remake on Xbox. Playing out as a 2D racer, it’ll be up to you to navigate your way to the finish line, as fast, but as safely as you possibly can. With a time limit to hand, it won’t be easy. 

Thankfully, Draw Rider Remake gives you the tools you’ll need to prove yourself up to the job. There’s a career mode for instance, tons of levels, multiple obstacles, portals and more. Throw in more than a thousand different item customisations and you’ll be able to kit out your little Draw Rider as you see fit. 

Feature rich drawing

And Draw Rider Remake on Xbox also comes with a level editor too. In all, and in summary, Draw Rider Remake will be found complete with all of the following… 

  • 350 hand-made levels
  • Custom Levels, Level Editor & Global Level Sharing
  • Leaderboard and online mode with over 200,000 levels
  • Over 100 hidden secret customization items to discover
  • 9 different crazy vehicles
  • Cool electronic music
  • A sea of fun

Buy Draw Rider

Sold on a purchase of a classic remade? Draw Rider Remake can be downloaded from the Xbox Store right now, all for just £4.19. It’s playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Want to know how it plays? We’ll get a review of Draw Rider Remake on Xbox sorted for you. The question is whether or not this is better than Hero Express

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Draw Rider Remake Game Description

Draw Rider Remake is a remake of the legendary racing game Draw Rider, rewritten from the ground up to be bigger, better and more beautiful in every way. Classic 2D racing with fun physics, where your goal is to get to the finish line within the allotted time.

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