Tennessee BTC Mine Sued Over Noise Complaints: Report

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A Tennessee BTC miner BrightRidge is getting sued over noise complaints, with Mayor Joe Grandy warning about the mine last summer but he didn’t take any actions which is why citizens are now the ones taking action so let’s read more in today’s latest Bitcoin news.

Nashville, Tennessee has some great-looking rural places which were now contaminated by loud noises from Bitcoin mining machines which is why the people in the region decided to sue the miner due to noise complaints. The Tennessee BTC miner Red Dog Technologies uses a local electric utility company BrightRidge property to mine bitcoins, and now both of the companies are getting sued by the people living there.

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The county is filing a lawsuit against both companies and demands to shut down the mine. The case kicked off just recently and could take up to three days to conclude. Judge John Rambo was tasked with deciding the verdict. Red Dog’s mining operation hit the local news in October when one resident filed a civil lawsuit complaining that the mine interferes with the use of their property because of the loud noises the machines make. The mine runs from 8 AM to 2 PM on weekdays and then on Fridays it mines BTC nonstop through Sunday. The residents complained of a loud hum tht came from the facility which is why they decided to take the matters into their own hands.

On the other hand, we saw A Norwegian BTC miner uses renewable energy but he is also using waste heat to dry out wood and maybe soon even seaweed. Norway is a leader for renewable energy management in Europe and about 99% of Norway’s energy comes from hydropower while the grid usually enjoys a green energy surplus. But for the largest data center and BTC miner Kryptovault, the Norwegian BTC miner uses regenerative hydropower to attempt to solve valid BTC blocks which were not enough. At the Honefoss Bitcoin mining operation where the employees have named it “The Cathedral” due to its expenses, the hot air generated by the BTC mining rigs will be recycled and used to dry out chopped logs.

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The reports show that Bitcoin mining is quite heavy and flipped the narrative while reporting on Kryptovault’s operation and some of the reports noted “Can Bitcoin Be sustainable?” The general manager at the timber company that receives the dry logs, Svein Bjerke, said that drying wood with the waste head from BTC mining is the most environmentally friendly way to do this.

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