Inside Quantum Technology

Quantum News Briefs July 12: Kipu Quantum acquires PlanQK to boost development of industrially relevant quantum solutions • Oxford Ionics sets industry records for two-qubit and single-qubit gate performance • EuroHPC & AQT sign procurement contract for EuroQCS-Poland quantum computer • Qubit Pharmaceuticals and Sorbonne University reduce number of qubits needed to simulate molecules – Inside Quantum Technology

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Time Stamp: Jul 12, 2024

Quantum News Briefs July 11: Quantum Xchange enables enterprises to track progress toward post-quantum standardization with dynamic dashboards • Iberdrola & Multiverse Computing announce pilot project success to optimize battery installation in the grid • QuSecure collaborates with NVIDIA’s revolutionary cuPQC initiative to advance post-quantum cryptography • First full-stack, ion-trap-based quantum computer demonstrator made in Germany commissioned – Inside Quantum Technology

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Time Stamp: Jul 11, 2024
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