Overwatch 2 may be pushed back to 2023 amid Blizzard’s issues

Steven Rondina • 09/Aug/21 • 01:50When Blizzard makes it rain, it tends to pour. And that's not a good thing for Overwatch fans. The embattled company is struggling at the moment and that turmoil seemingly isn’t exclusive to the boardroom. According to Overwatch streamer Metro, multiple people in and around the development of Overwatch 2 have expressed skepticism regarding the possibility of the game launching next year, with its likely release date being shoved back into 2023. Blizzard has not announced any change in its plans for the game, but

Here’s Why Every 3PL Should Offer Returns Management

By ReverseLogix · July 26, 2021 Smart 3PLs are using end-to-end returns management and reverse logistics platforms to manage their customers’ entire returns processes.Today’s returns management systems (RMS) deliver integration, configurability, and efficiency like never before. Learn what your 3PL can unleash with an RMS! Instant new offering and revenue stream Built to handle 3PL complexities Manage the entire returns journey, including initiation, returns processing, RTV and repair Integrate with other supply chain software and centralize all data for better insights Fast implementation, fast cost-savings for you and your customers

Improve Security Posture and Agility at the Edge

By LM Staff · July 26, 2021 Security attacks can happen anywhere, at any time. Explore the most dangerous edge security risk today and how best manage and mitigate future attacks. 5 Proactive Strategies to stay ahead of security attacks Digi tools to build security into all connectivity solutions Pushing past complacency to take action Here are some common circumstances:  Deployment of seemingly innocuous connectivity solutions in vast and mission critical networks that are vulnerable to attack Irregular security software updates of decentralization hardware, especially those that require remote updates

How to Use Cloud Technology to Revolutionize Parcel Shipping

By LM Staff · July 26, 2021 Manual shipping processes are no longer viable, and national carriers are at capacity. With promises of 2-day shipping and double the orders to send, traditional shipping workflows will no longer delight your customer.So what does the future look like for shipping?In this guide, discover how cloud-based shipping software eliminates manual processes and seamlessly scales with your business. Learn: How to capitalize on multi-carrier shipping software Why cloud-based shipping software minimizes growing pains The benefits of multi-carrier shipping software with Business Intelligence (BI) Download