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The New Benchmark for P2E NFT Games —

NFTcraft is a new platform for digitizing video games on the blockchain and the first play-to-earn metaverse with NFT elements.


The future of dwarf civilization is in your hands. It depends on you whether it will be light and abundant, or gloomy and poor. Choose a dwarf, an island, and go in search of Radiant (RAD game token).

Free web-version of the game on the Polygon blockchain is available now. The project team is planning a full release of the 3D version of the game on the Unity engine by the end of 2021.


A version for Binance Smart Chain and the own sidechain of the project is under development. The team also created a bridge from Binance Smart Chain to Polygon for user convenience.

In a three-dimensional game, the option of buying virtual lands in MainCity will be available, as well as the construction of custom NFTs in the form of art objects and structures.

Play the game and earn ETH

The main goal of the game is to collect the maximum possible amount of Radiant in-game token (RAD) until the end of the game.

At the start, you choose the NFT dwarf and the islands that it will explore. ETH rewards are distributed at the end of the main game cycle.

The more Radiant the player collects, the greater the reward awaits him at the end of the game. The NFTcraft team regularly improves the game, introduces additional features, tournaments and quests.

You can buy as many NFT as you want per player. They can also be upgraded, which increases the value and the economic return on the game. All characters can be sold on the secondary market.

All NFT characters, resources, and basic game mechanics are backed by an Ethereum fund. The fund is financed by NFT sales: 90% from each NFT sale and 2% from each resale go to the fund.

During the game, the ETH funds are involved in the Yield Farming of large-scale projects – Aave, Venus, Compound.

There are two tokens in the project: the NFTcraft governance token (NCT) and the in-game RADIANT (RAD).

RAD emissions are unlimited. The total supply of NCT is 10,000,000.

The project has several early investors including venture funds: W3G.CAPITAL, Digital Assets Fund, OwnFund, Defirex OÜ, P2Escan, Marins Group, and others.

The market is full of various GameFi projects. Many game universes offer different options for monetizing game time. But NFTcraft stands out from the crowd by its fast development dynamics and, of course, 100% backing by ETH of all NFTs.

We invite everyone to join our gaming world. Become its creators and heroes. Take part in regular quests and take first place in the leaderboards!

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