VetCoin Foundation Launches .VETS Decentralized Domain From NexBloc to Support Veterans

All purchases of .vets domains will contribute to the VetCoin mission of bringing new services to connect, enable and transform veterans communities worldwide.

October 4, 2022, New York, NY. VetCoin Foundation announced today the official launch of Domains.Vetcoinhq.Com to allow anyone to show support for veterans by buying and using a .VETS blockchain domain. Domain names will be integrated with selected VetCoin ecosystem partners over time to offer additional benefits to owners. As a blockchain NFT (non-fungible token) domain, buyers pay once for the domain and never have to pay yearly fees like they do with traditional domains.

Using the NexBloc private label platform to deploy the system, VetCoin domain owners will realize additional value over time as more services are added to a catalog of offerings. Examples include decentralized website naming, NFT marketplace integration, wallet-to-wallet exchange of cryptocurrency using a domain name, and more.

VetCoin Co-Founder and CEO Elmer Francisco stated “The addition of a branded domain for veterans allows us to serve our communities where you can show your pride every time you use them. Companies or individuals can create decentralized websites using your own .vets name. And you can use them as part of your social media identity. By using the NexBloc domain system, we will see long-term benefits as the system expands and bring those to our communities for their use.”

Dana Farbo, Founder and CEO of NexBloc said “Working with the VetCoin Foundation has been an honor and we are proud to be part of a movement that will support veteran’s communities here in the US and across the world. Our NexBloc ecosystem of services is expanding, and we will be creating many integrations for VetCoin to use for their community.”

The .VETS domain site is available now and built using integration on the Polygon blockchain. Users can sign up and connect a MetaMask wallet to receive their domain NFT. Once in the individual’s wallet, it can be used to authenticate ownership or access various services that are in development. This may include a peer-to-peer exchange within VetCoin or discounts and rewards on other services. A full ecosystem of integration will grow with time.

About the VetCoin Foundation

VetCoin Foundation is an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt Foundation and 509 (a)(2) Public Charity eligible to receive tax-deductible donations, bequests, contributions, and gifts to connect, enable and transform veteran communities. 

About NexBloc

NexBloc is building the next generation of the internet with enterprise-focused, private-label blockchain DNS at the core. Blockchain digital entities tied to the decentralized web are the future of data protection and use.

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