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Blockchain technology has the whole new world to explore whether in term of applications, tools, features, compatibility with other technologies and many more. In earlier days, when Bitcoin was launched in 2009, it was considered that Blockchain is meant for the financial system only. But, as the potential of technology was analysed by the various communities, they concluded that Blockchain is meant for exploration. In this article, we will limit our nerves to explore to cryptocurrency. In the crypto marketplace, investors generally keep track of the progress of the transaction, trends of the changing prices, tools to update themselves, etc. Initially, people used to subscribe to various newsletters of the reputed search engines, update their phones with new apps, consult the experts and many more. To ease their chaotic crypto world, Blockchain explorers came to rescue especially to track the transaction. Presently, there are a number of Blockchain explorers which can be utilised to track the data whether the block heights or listed coins, etc, from multiple Blockchains. In this article, will discuss one of the popular Blockchain explorers, Blockchair in detail.

Blockchair | An Overview

What is blockchair

Blockchair was launched in 2016 for offering the insights of data of different Blockchains including Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Cardano and much more popular one. With the help of a variety of tools and features, you can check the hashes, wallet public addresses, size of blocks, embedded text data of the Blockchain network. In short, Blockchair is a search and analysis engine of Blockchain which can filter the choices based on different criteria. Along with varied features, Blockchair providers different tools for a developer like API, Data Dumps, Release Monitor, etc.

Features Of Blockchair

Features of blockchair

Every crypto enthusiast tries to find as much information as possible on the one platform. Blockchair explorer is strengthening the position with a variety of features:

  • API Services: Blockchair is known to be a data provider for over 16 Blockchains. The platform provides its API which is appropriate for businesses which require prompt access for the data like multicurrency crypto wallets and crypto exchanges, analytical tools, consulting agencies with the tailormade interface.
  • Database Dumps: For some operations like extracting transactions from Blockchain data, Blockchain explorer suggests to use their dump feature rather API interface. Database dumps can be easily downloaded in TSV format for further analysis after inserting the data into the database server.
  • Full Node Dumps: Blockchair has made the tedious process of syncing the full node by making it possible by downloading data snapshots. You can easily download the folder of the required screenshots of full nodes.
  • Analytical Charts: The platform of Blockchair provides a variety of charts based on different parameters for analysing the data of different currencies on a single dashboard.
  • Markets and portfolios: With a variety of performance boards, Blockchair arrange the Blockchains in the list format for making the comparison in an easy way. Also, performance boards help in diversifying the portfolio and making the investment strategy in an efficient way.
  • Node Explorers: One of the striking features of Blockchair is that of Node explorer which allows the easy exploration of nodes of different Blockchains.

Innovative Tools Of Blockchair

Famous tools launched by blockchair

Blockchain is a little complicated to understand to the community who is trying to keep up the pace with technological advancements. Blockchair and other explorers are constantly trying to make the experience of the community better with their services and products. Blockchair has launched a few innovative tools for questing the thirst of knowing more of the crypto community.


In June 2020, Blockchair launched the tool for the Bitcoin community including developers to improve the accessibility of the privacy level of transactions, called privacy-o-meter. As per the company claims, this tool is meant to shield the transactional history from Blockchain surveillance companies. This experimental tool has the feature to warn the users while reusing their public addresses of the crypto wallets or sending the amount hampering to their privacy. Privacy-o-meter is meant to assure privacy, one of the core features of Blockchain technology.

Free Release Monitor

In Feb 2020, Blockchair launched the tool for tracking the latest upgrades of software in the crypto space, known as free release monitor. This monitor is especially meant for developers of crypto projects like wallets, exchanges, OTC platforms, etc. Blockchair assures that monitor will be efficient in keeping up the track with upcoming hard forks and updates of the main clients for multi-crypto networks. The monitor available on Kanban board can be accessed through website, API or with dedicated Telegram channel.

Blockchair Feed

In May 2018, Blockchain explorer Blockcair introduced Blockchair Feed as a groundbreaking tool for analytics in the crypto marketplace. Blockchair Feed has a unique property to decode the message written on the Blockchain network of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ranging from banal to the enigmatic, results are displayed on the real-time feed. Blockchair steps up exploring capability of the community peeping to read the messages hidden in the transaction by enabling the community to read the messages.

Bitcoin Halving Tools

During the third Bitcoin Halving in May 2020, Blockchair launched the Bitcoin halving tools for Bitcoin enthusiasts wishing for countdown clocks visible on a single page for all three networks, i.e. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. The page showing the statistics was intuitive in showing the countdown of the present block, and blocks remained before halving.

Thus, Blockchair is known in the explorer industry for their experimental and user-friendly tool having direct applications for the crypto community actively tracking the Blockchain networks.

Summing Up

Blockchain technology-based cryptocurrency is driving enthusiasts from all across the world who are realising the potential of cryptocurrency as the better medium of exchange. Thus, the importance of service providers are also surging because of the demand for high-end tools form tracking, analysing, investing, etc and ultimately gaining the profits in the crypto marketplace. Blockchair is one such provider which gathers the information of 16 networks and presents in the information which is easily readable and accessible to users. So, let us just hope that Blockchair will successfully keep up with the growing industry of Blockchain.

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