Supreme Origin CBD Coffee Now Available in the U.S.

Supreme Origin Tolima

“As a coffee expert, I saw this opportunity to blend my passion for wellness and coffee into a great new brand looking to reshape how we experience our favorite morning beverage,” Shattah says.

World-renowned infused coffee Supreme Origin arrives in the United States in time for the holiday season with 20 percent off for new subscribers and free shipping nationwide in November. Help coffee-loving friends and family perk up and relax this holiday season with the gift of great-tasting CBD-infused coffee for as little as $28.

Caffeinated energy without the jitters, Supreme Origin is the creation of premium coffee grower Mauricio Shattah M.D and Nature’s Root, an award-winning, high-end Colorado healing company with a passion for hemp. Shattah has gathered the best coffee strains in the world and infused them with premium organic hemp to produce signature CBD coffees of remarkable flavor and quality. Elevate your morning routine and give coffee-conscious friends and family the gift of a mindful morning brew this holiday season.

Shattah, a native of Colombia, has a background in radiology and oncology and a passion for health and wellness. “Shattah” has become a synonym for coffee excellence. Born in Colombia, Mauricio Shattah M.D. has become one of the world’s most progressive coffee experts, traveling around the globe sharing his passion for coffee. He is currently the president of the Colombian Association of Specialty Coffees. He founded Shattah Coffee and established Finca la Negrita 9 years ago in Tolima, Colombia. He guarantees a premium coffee experience with full oversight of his coffees from seed to cup.

Through Supreme Origin, Shattah hand crafts premium coffees with top-grade therapeutic CBD from Colorado’s Nature’s Roots. The energizing, uplifting effects of Supreme Origin CBD coffee kick in immediately and become more of a constant after two weeks.

“As a coffee expert, I saw this opportunity to blend my passion for wellness and coffee into a great new brand looking to reshape how we experience our favorite morning beverage,” Shattah says.

To achieve this top-grade CBD-infused coffee, Dr. Shattah partnered with one of Colorado’s most famous hemp plantations, Nature’s Roots. This Colorado native company is known for providing exceptional organic and award-winning CBD and hemp extracts. The powerful combination between two leading brands makes Supreme Origin a true powerhouse in the CBD coffee industry.

Give Friends and Family the Gift of Chill This Holiday Season
Supreme Origin Coffee takes the edge off any anxiety you may be feeling and helps you feel calm and alert. Its broad-spectrum CBD comes from a wide range of cannabinoids found in hemp plants that don’t get you high. (That’s THC, a cannabinoid derivative with psychoactive effects.) Thanks in part to pandemic anxiety, retail cannabis sales are growing exponentially. Research shows CBD-enhanced products improve mood, boost focus and help people manage anxiety and depression as well as cognitive health issues, sleep patterns, workout recovery and joint pain. Of course, others turn to it simply for fun and relaxation. CBD works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system where neurotransmitters regulate anxiety and balance the immune system. One of the best benefits of Supreme Origin CBD coffee is that it soothes the stomach.

If that research makes Supreme Origin Coffee sound appealing, other surveys reveal there are plenty of coffee drinkers interested in CBD-infused coffee who haven’t tried it yet — which makes it the perfect holiday gift. You might forget your daily CBD dose, but you’ll never forget your morning coffee.

Serenity Now: Premium CBD + Exceptional Coffee = Your Best Day

Supreme Origin Coffee knows CBD consumers are by nature label-readers trying to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle. They’re also conscious consumers who care about the social and environmental impact of the products they buy. Supreme Origin Coffee contains top-grade coffee beans grown using innovative agricultural methods and infused with organic Colorado-grown CBD. All products undergo third-party testing to ensure full traceability.
Supreme Origin Coffee believes profit and ethics are compatible and provides sustainable livelihoods with fair wages for its workers. Supreme Origin Coffee has transparent relationships with its coffee suppliers on small plantations in Latin America, It makes sure suppliers use environmentally-responsible growing practices and offer safe, secure working conditions free of human rights violations.

“We travel worldwide, finding unique coffee gems and infuse them with award-winning hemp-based cannabinoids to provide you the finest experience in every cup,” Shattah says.

Supreme Origin Tolima — Colombia
(12 oz.; One-time purchase $35; $28 with subscription) Roasted with 250 mg broad-spectrum organic hemp CBD, Tolima has a medium, clean body with notes of dark chocolate, sweet oatmeal and panela. A balanced sweet coffee with low acidity accents. For best results, brew using the dripper method.

Origin: Planadas, Tolima, Colombia, 1.600-1,900 meters

Roast: Medium Varietal: Arabica Blend 10 mg CBD per serving

Mauricio Shattah Cupping notes:

“Our Tolima blend from Planadas is a fascinating coffee. Its medium-creamy body contains dark chocolate, sweet oatmeal, and panela notes that create a balanced sweet coffee with low acidity accents. This coffee blend was roasted at a medium-medium level. The dripper method will be your best ally when preparing this coffee blend, as it will help highlight its multiple qualities, but especially that of the chocolate.”

Infused with Organically Grown Broad Spectrum Colorado hemp.

Origin: Planadas, Tolima, Colombia

Roast: Medium

Producer: Mauricio Shattah

Altitude: 1600 – 1900 Meters

Varietal: Arabica Blend

Process: Washed

Taste: Dark chocolate, sweet oatmeal, panela

Body: Medium clean

Acidity: Low citric

Size: 12oz bag

Supreme Origin Huila (Regular and Decaffeinated) — Colombia,

(12 oz.; One-time purchase $35; $28 with subscription) Roasted with 250 mg broad-spectrum organic hemp CBD, Supreme Origin Huila has a medium-silky body with lime, orange, sweet panela and almond notes. Its bright acidity creates a prolonged aftertaste and a mouthful of fruity flavors. For best results, brew using the Chemex method.

Origin: La Plata, Huila, Colombia, altitude 1,500-1,900 meters

Roast: Medium Varietal: Arabica Blend    

Supreme Origin Red Gesha — Finca La Negrita, Colombia(12 oz.; One-time purchase $100; $80 with subscription) Containing 250 mg broad-spectrum organic hemp CBD, Red Gesha is the reigning king of coffee. Its velvety body is soft in the mouth with a harmonious balance between sweet floral, fruity flavors and bright acidity from citrus and red berries. For best results, brew using the Chemex method.

Origin: Finca La Negrita, Tolima, Colombia, altitude 2,000 meters

Roast: Medium Varietal: Red Gesha

Supreme Origin Yellow Bourbon — Finca La Negrita, Colombia
(12 oz.; One-time purchase $80; $64 with subscription) Roasted with 250 mg broad-spectrum organic hemp CBD, Yellow Bourbon has a full, silky body and a juicy, mellow, harmonious drink with notes of yellow fruits such as pineapple and mango. Yellow Bourbon has always been considered an “underdog” by cuppers, but deserves more credit. Yellow Bourbon has a tasteful residual and clean, prolonged, sweet aftertaste. To accentuate its strong, sweet body, use the Aeropress method.
Origin: Finca La Negrita, Tolima, Colombia, 1,850 meters
Roast: Medium Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

Availability: Supreme Origin Coffee is available in all 50 states plus Alaska, Hawaii and the District of Columbia via the online shop. Look for it in stores in major metropolitan areas where cannabis is legal in 2022.

About Supreme Origin

Start feeling your best with Supreme Origin CBD Coffee! Coffee & wellness have always been our passion, and after years of development, we finally bring to you a CBD Coffee that tastes as good as it sounds. We bring to you premium Colombian coffee infused with the best organic CBD, both produced with the highest quality standards. Enjoy your favorite brew at any time of the day and reap all the additional benefits CBD has to offer. For more information, visit us at

About Nature’s Root (

Nature’s Root is known for synthesizing some of the purest CBD extracts . A Denver Native at heart, industry Pioneer and Founder Dani Fontaine has revolutionized the cannabis industry in America for the past decade. Dani has been helping people rediscover their health and wellness through Cannabis and cannabis-infused products. Her passion for alternative healing led her to discover early on the power and benefits of the cannabis plant, alongside its natural components, including CBD. In 2013, Dani founded the Colorado Hemp Project, the first legalized hemp farm in the U.S.A. This farm specializes in hemp plant development, genetics, and distribution. A year after founding the Colorado Hemp Project, Dani created Nature’s Root, a company focused on producing organic hemp-based wellness products, including balms, lotions, consumable goods, and others. Given the success of her products, Dani created the first legal 100% hemp spa in Colorado, an innovative venue where she can try and exhibit all her best-selling products with clients.

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