Chai-Yo Restaurant now accepting bitcoin payments for gift vouchers

We’re always happy to hear from local businesses getting into crypto, and the team at Chai-Yo Restaurant on Dublin’s Baggot Street has recently got in touch. The restaurant is well known for its Teppanyaki meals, as well as a tasty range of asian and japanese cuisine. I’ve eaten myself there a couple of times over the year, and it’s great craic with a lovely environment, great food and drink, and normally the guitar will get whipped out at some stage by the owners to serenade customers. We had a chat

Techstars to host Blockchain Incubator in Dublin in 2022

As reported in The Irish Times, Techstars will be launching a blockchain focused incubator in Dublin from March 2022. The program aims to bring on ten companies per year focused on blockchain or tokenization and put them through an intensive mentoring program to help bring their products or services to market. The incubator had originally been planned for London, but for various reasons Dublin was chosen instead, which is a great boost to the local crypto ecosystem. The announcement quotes Techstars CEO, Maëlle Gavet as saying “The strong growth of

Digital Assets Retract Sharply While Stocks Continue to Rally

There’s no doubt that whatever is going on in the fascinating world of Decentralized Finance (#DeFi) right now, it has been stretched far past its limitations. But that’s ok, because the entire point of this exercise was to test the boundaries of programmable money. Yet another delicious sounding product has joined the ranks of Yams, Tacos, Spaghetti, Porkchop, Tendies and Cake. This new one is actually a fork of Sushi and is named after the popular South Korean dish, Kimchi. I know, right?! The name isn’t the only thing special